Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Laforet's Nocturne film available today (u)

(Note: This article has been updated. Working links to the video are in the Update paragraphs.)

Once again, Vincent Laforet has sprung a fantastic video on us created with a new Canon 1080p still camera. Last year's Reverie was done with the 5DMkII. This year, Nocturne was shot with the brand new 1D Mark IV.

But get this: Nocturne was shot at night (as was Reverie), but Nocturne uses only ambient lighting from the streets of Los Angeles. No strobes, no studio lights, just streetlamps and car headlights. At ISO 6400! The lack of noise is impressive.

Nocturne can also be seen here, though it may be a little slower to load.

UPDATE Oct 21: Now, in a bizarre turn of events, Canon Japan has asked Laforet to take down the video. Laforet complied, citing "professional courtesy." But of course, this is the Internet, and the video can still be seen on YouTube.

Why would Canon Japan want to remove high-quality, viral, and free advertising for their flagship still camera? Photography Business News & Forum has some thoughts.

Fake Chuck Westfall has sounded off about it as well.